Nova SG Product Photography and Videos

Note: this site is not designed for public consumption. It exists so you guys have easy access to product photos and videos.
No attempt has been made to make it mobile-friendly.

These pages contain images sized for use on web pages. Let us know if you need higher-res versions for print or booth artwork.
In some cases, the photos may have camera flash reflections. If you like any of these, let us know and we can clean them up if need be.
Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to waste the time lol.

RACC vest | Shield1 | Shield2 | Belt | Spirit | 5 Shot | Scanner1 | Scanner2 | Black Vest | White Vest |
These pages all contain HI-RES images ready for download for print or booth art. Be aware they may take a relatively LONG TIME to load.
Right-click an image to save it on your computer.

5 Shot | Batteries | Bullets | Clipboard | Shield | Whiteboard
Below are latest product videos we've uploaded to YouTube. We have the original HD versions of all of these.


XR5000 "Freedom" Stun Device

"Spirit" Stun Device

Capture Shield

Riot Shield